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Whats a pay period? Types & key considerations

Divide the total amount your company spent on credit purchases during the measurement period by the number of days in the period to use the formula. The average accounts payable value in the formula is the average of the accounts payable’s beginning and ending balances. The sum of all business credit purchases is represented by […]

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What’s the Total Equity of a company?

Both liabilities and shareholders’ equity represent how the assets of a company are financed. If it’s financed through debt, it’ll show as a liability, but if it’s financed through issuing equity shares to investors, it’ll show in shareholders’ equity. An alternative calculation of company equity is the value of share capital and retained earnings less the value of treasury shares. […]

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Illinois Income Tax Rate and Brackets 2023

Individual taxpayers will submit both their federal tax forms and state tax forms by April 15, 2024. Illinois has a 6.25 percent state sales tax rate, a 4.75 percent max local sales tax rate, and an average combined state and local sales tax rate of 8.82 percent. Illinois’s tax system ranks 36th overall on our […]

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