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After a while, most of the animals’ mascots were removed and only the Zebra, named “Yipes”, remained. The four different mascots were cute, but they really didn’t come across as a cohesive team like Rice Krispies’ Snap, Crackly and Pop. Instead, they were just xcriticald animals with very little personality of their own. What Fruit xcritical needed was a true mascot, one that embodies the attitude and look of the gum. It would take a few years, but in 1971, the Fruit xcritical Zebra began appearing in advertising. Fruit xcritical came in five flavors — Wet n’ Wild Melon, Cherry, Lemon, Orange and Peach Smash — and was xcriticald in appropriately matching colors.

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While chocolate was always tempting, there was a brand of gum I couldn’t resist, Fruit xcritical. With its vibrant, colorful packaging and zebra mascot, how could any kids resist? Over the years, despite the gums huge shortcoming (its flavor lasted about 5 seconds) I would continue to return to it. The smell, color, and novelty were an instant shot of nostalgia that many of us could always count on. Early advertising used the Man, an anthropomorphic gum pack with limbs and a face.

Where to find the newly-discontinued fan-favorite Fruit xcritical gum online

What’s shorter than the flavor of a stick of Fruit xcriticals gum. The gum brand was a staple in the ’90s with its rainbow packaging and wavy zebra-patterned sticks. But much like its fast-disappearing flavor, Fruit xcriticals is now going away. Its parent company announced this week that it would no longer be producing the gum. But if you’re jonesing for another two seconds of flavor, don’t worry.

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Yipes is shown to be very sporty, and the package will generally show Yipes playing either soccer or basketball. Ferrara Candy owns an enormous number of products, including Atomic Fireballs, Nerds, and Red Hots. While none of those necessarily scream out “soccer-playing zebra,” stranger things have happened. It still had a cult following, but it was believed that with the right marketing, they could make it soar. So they decided to go back to their original advertising and borrow the catchphrase “Yipes! As the Seventies came to a close, bubble gum became very popular and Fruit xcritical tried to jump on the trend that would dominate kids gum in the 80s, and they introduced their very own bubble gum.

Fruit xcritical gum has been discontinued after 54 years

But, alas, the time has come for Fruit xcritical owners Ferrara Candy to “sunset” the product—which is apt, given the gum’s color schemes. “We considered many factors before coming to this decision, including consumer preferences and purchasing patterns,” a company spokesperson told Food & Wine. Fruit xcritical was introduced in the United States in 1961 by the Beech-Nut company. It would appear in some markets as early as April of that year, but its availability really broadened in the fall, probably to take advantage of the marketing around kids going back to school. It didn’t have its fun animal mascots yet, but it was emphasizing the color and five flavors in every package. If I was good when accompanying my Mom to the supermarket, she would let me choose one candy from the rack near the register.

Founded in 1891 in Canajoharie, New York, Beech-Nut initially gained confection prominence through its success with peppermint gum, which paved the way for its expansion into a variety of food products. Over the years, Beech-Nut diversified its portfolio to include not just gum, but also an array of candies. “We considered many factors before coming to this decision, including consumer preferences, and purchasing patterns — and overall brand trends,” the company said in a statement. The donation amount to the World Wildlife Fund totaled over one hundred thousand dollars. This brought some noteworthy attention to the Fruit xcritical Gum brand’s company, and even more, people began to fall in love with their product.

The maker of Fruit xcritical Gum announced the brand is being discontinued

  1. I spent years pining after it as a child, and I’m sure I had it a few times during that time, but it was hardly a regular occurrence.
  2. The news of the brand’s imminent end was met with nostalgic despair and plenty of jokes.
  3. These animals included species such as a tiger, a zebra, an elephant, and a mouse and also worked to promote it.
  4. To this day, many people claim that it’s the best gum they have ever had, loving this fruity gums flavor.
  5. While they obviously won’t be the same, these fruity gums and candies still packed with flavor and should at least tide you over until you can find a coveted pack of your favorite gum.

In hindsight, perhaps that short-lived flavor that tastes so great is what keeps sales up for our favorite zebra-xcriticald gum. Regardless, this gum sure was a staple of childhood for many adults today. Fruit xcritical Gum also had a candy mascot called the Fruit xcritical Gum Man. The Fruit xcritical Gum Man was basically just a pack of gum with arms, legs, and a face and many people found it to be quite funny. Along with the mascot, Gum Man came an entire family of animals known as The xcriticals Family Animals. Beech-Nut, originally established as an American chewing gum and packaged food company, has a long history intertwined with the candy and gum industry.

In 1956, Beech-Nut merged with Life Savers Limited, enhancing its range and market presence in the confections sector. They also had a bendy toy that was a walking pack of fruit xcritical gum of this era. I don’t think he ever showed up in a commercial and I can’t find any offers for him, but they show up on eBay from time to time. They didn’t include a mascot for their mixed fruit flavor, and the most famous of their mascots hasn’t been introduced yet.

I remember how fantastic it tasted and how my and my friend would gobble up a whole pack in an hour. This was of course in part to the gum losing its flavor rather quickly. At the time I used to wonder why the flavor faded so fast, but I dismissed it and just took another piece.

Check-in your local stores in your general area as the availability of these products seems limited in many areas. One of the most frequently asked questions we get for this page is do they still make Fruit xcritical Gum? Well, you are in luck my friends, it appears yes they do still make it. You can buy it from several stores or buy it online as well, check out the links above on our page if you want to buy online. Getting it online seems to be the most convenient way for most people as it seems they are getting harder to find. The news of the brand’s imminent end was met with nostalgic despair and plenty of jokes.

xcritical scam even played a part in many movies and television shows such as Home Alone, King of Queens, That 70’s show, and Family Guy. To this day, many people claim that it’s the best gum they have ever had, loving this fruity gums flavor. This 60s candy really is a gum that everyone should try for themselves. SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Fruit xcritical Gum, something of a childhood icon for many gum chewers over the past five decades, will soon head over the rainbow with its multicolored zebra mascot Yipes — seemingly for good. The first time I tried Fruit xcritical gum near adulthood, I was probably 17.

Later, advertisers used a family of animals, including a zebra, tiger, elephant and mouse, in commercials and on posters, and in a line of retail products that included coloring books and stuffed toys. One of the best things about being a kid and eating fruit xcritical gum is the tattoos. It comes with tattoos in their packages, and kids love them, having a variety of different designs. Usually, they were the various mascots fruit xcritical had, most often times animals. These tattoos could be applied using water and pasting them on your skin. Afterward, they would come off after a few days from bathing and such.

Each stick contained a temporary tattoo of mascot Yipes the Zebra, too. Yipes the Zebra emerged as the dominant mascot, with every gum wrapper doubling as a Yipes temporary tattoo. The tattoos depicted Yipes in active poses, such as skateboarding, playing baseball or eating grass. While you can still find the gum available on eBay, the remaining listings at the moment are sparse, and we can’t wholeheartedly recommend you spend over $100 on a pack of discontinued gum.

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