Top 3 Books and Courses to Crack Spring Professional Certification in 2024 by javinpaul Javarevisited

I am a big fan of making your own notes even though you are attending the training. It helps in many ways because it actively involves your mind and encourages you to read and explore more about the topic. This active participation improves your knowledge and understanding of exam topics. It also helps you to organize your knowledge so that you can revise it later close to exam dates. No matter how you are preparing like training, self-study, relying on the job experience, I encourage you to make your own notes as per the syllabus.

How to prepare for Oracle’s Java 11 Certification in 2021

It explains and answers all questions from the Spring Professional Certification Study Guide, which are useful for certification and Java interviews. If you need more questions then you can also check out my Spring Practice Exam on Udemy where I have shared 250+ questions covering every exam topic. The training will not only help you to prepare for Spring certification but also improve your knowledge and understanding of Spring features and its more advanced modules like Spring Security and Spring REST. Vmware also provides dedicated 4-day training classes for each certification like Spring Core, Spring Web, and Spring Enterprise.

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Learning Paths provide a straightforward way to learn what you need to — and skip what you don’t. This is obvious because the expensive Spring training, which cost around USD in the USA and most of the western nations and about 50,000 INR in India, was the biggest hurdle in getting Spring certified. Another Udemy course that I highly recommend is the Spring Professional Certification Exam Tutorial by Dominik Cebula on Udemy. This course is specially designed for Spring certification and currently.

Spring Professional Certification Exam Tutorial – Module 02

This feedback is never shared publicly, we’ll use it to show better contributions to everyone. Becoming a Certified Spring Professional will help you to get the post that you want, hunt a lot of professional opportunities, improve your career and increase your income. By using this test bank, you can identify weak areas up front and then develop a solid studying strategy using each of the robust testing features.

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It just contains topic-wise distribution and how much weightage each topic hold in the real exam. It also contains some useful information for the exam itself like a number of questions, format, and passing score. The Spring Certified Professional Certification [v2] validates a candidate’s expertise with major features of Spring and Spring Boot and the candidate’s ability to apply Spring’s features to quickly build and deliver production ready applications.

  1. Since you need to solve 50 questions in 90 minutes and you have to score almost 80% correct answer, both speed and accuracy is very important.
  2. “Use it or Lose it” is the universal truth and applies very well here also.
  3. — If you are an experienced Java developer using the Spring framework for 3 to 5 years and want to get certified for your skill, I suggest you go through David Mayer’s Online Spring Mock test; it’s an online test.
  4. To prepare for spring certification using self-study, you need a good study guide and a good exam simulator.
  5. By using this test bank, you can identify weak areas up front and then develop a solid studying strategy using each of the robust testing features.

If you are working with the Spring Framework professionally and if you are serious about what you do, the VMware Spring Certified Professional 2024 is for you. The exam preparation allows you to delve deeper into the inner workings of the framework, equipping you with the necessary know-how to take your Spring development to the next level. I spent about five weeks of intensive study and it has certainly paid off.

Since you need to solve 50 questions in 90 minutes and you have to score 76% correct answer, both speed and accuracy is very important. Vojtech Ruzicka has shared some useful tips, notes, and practice questions for both Spring core and Spring web exams. If you are preparing for Pivotal Certified Spring Professional, then his practice questions are handy. The questions are basically derived from his Spring core study notes. Anki provides desktop clients as well as mobile applications to study on the go. Once you download his deck of exam questions, you can use it on desktop or mobile at your convenience.

Mock exams are your best friend when it comes to understanding if you are ready for taking the real exam OR if you just need to brush up on a specific Spring topic. If you can score over the needed threshold to pass our spring mock exams, you are guaranteed to pass the real spring certification exams. Detailed explanations are provided for every single spring certification question.

Unfortunately, there are not many Spring 5 books and study guides available for Spring certifications. If you are preparing for the Spring Professional certification exam, then you should read Spring in Action book. The 5th edition of this book is still a work in progress and maybe released in a month or so and will cover Spring 5 which is a requirement for Spring professional 5.0 exam.

To be honest, preparing for Spring certifications like Spring Core are not very different from taking Java certifications like OCAJP and OCPJP. Similar to Oracle certifications, Spring certifications are also multiple-choice questions where you need to answer 76% of questions correctly to pass the exam i.e. 38 questions out of 50. The latest Spring framework certification in Spring Core Professional v5.0. If you are thinking about Spring certification, I suggest you go for this one because it will provide you a competitive edge over other developers and also help you to learn and master Spring 5 concepts like Reactive Programming. If you have decent work experience in the Spring framework like 2 to 3 years working on Spring MVC or developing RESTful Web Application using Spring and Spring Security then preparing for the exam will not take much time. You just need to go through all exam topics once and a good study guide will help you there.

Did you like the answer just below the question or would you guys prefer it at the end of the article? I wasn’t sure so I put the answer just below the question which is good for learning but may not be great for practice. Start your learning journey for free with development projects that get you using Spring in real-world development scenarios. Our browser-based lab environment gives spring professional certification exam tutorial you access to the tools you need to get hands-on experience with ease. And with Spring Academy Pro, unlock access to exclusive content, video lessons, and hands-on labs. Created by the stewards of the Spring framework, Spring Academy is a comprehensive, project-based learning platform providing the Spring community with the knowledge and experience needed to stay ahead of the curve.

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